The Top Spa Resorts in France


When people think of jobs at spa resorts they often imagine them in exotic locations by the beach. That can be a fun fantasy to entertain but the reality is that people want a place to disconnect and unwind without flying halfway across the world. To help you show you this side of hospitality, we want to highlight some spa resorts in France that are hiring on Hosco.

What are the top spa resorts in France hiring on Hosco?

Miramar La Cigale – Hotel Thalasso & Spa

Located at the tip of the gorgeous and rugged Rhuys Peninsula in the Brittany region of France, Hotel Thalasso & Spa, is a leader in luxury hotels and thalasso spa therapy, a therapeutic approach based around using the natural healing properties of the sea. 

The hotel has over 100 spacious rooms and suites that need solid staff to keep looking great year round. There’s two on-site restaurants, one being a more stripped back bistrot experience, and the other restaurant presents a full fine dining affair. 

In terms of health and wellness, there is a full spa, a workout center with a panoramic swimming pool, and the aforementioned Thalasso therapy center offering cutting edge innovation and technology.

A staff of award-winning, experienced professionals are ready to welcome you and integrate you into the Miramar team at one of the most unique spa resorts in France. 

Check out Hotel Thalasso & Spa’s Hosco profile to find out more about their hospitality job openings!

Hotel Les Jardins de Mademoiselle

Do you want to work in a cozy little spa and resort in France while still enjoying all of the luxury and glamor of living in Paris? If that sounds appealing, Hotel Les Jardins de Mademoiselle might be the perfect place for you.

When they opened the location in the heart of the of Paris’ 15th arrondissement in June 2018, the owners and operators of this quaint spa and resort decided to do things differently. They made a conscious choice to break away from the norms for Parisian accommodation. Instead of cramped rooms with limited views, they offer generous space and plenty of natural light. The resort has a particular rustic beauty due to the lush vegetation that invades every floor of the resort.

The well-trained and attentive staff at this resort is waiting to welcome you into their team with open arms. If you’ve always dreamed of working in a cozy spa and resort in France, then check out Hotel Les Jardins de Mademoiselle Hosco profile to learn more about their current job openings!

Le Damantin Hôtel & Spa

If coziness isn’t quite right for you then perhaps you’d prefer to work at more ostentatious and luxurious spa resort in France. 

 Situated in the heart of Paris’ 8th arrondissement, Le Damantin Hôtel & Spa is the definition of Parisian taste and persistence. First conceptualized in the 19th century, this beautiful location has hospitality history bursting from every corner.  

This gorgeous hotel and spa takes the form of a manor house and has retained its Louis XIII facade all these years, with hand-sculpted wrought iron balconies and other architectural flourishes typical of the period. A refined selection of materials, such as marble or wood, interact with classy color combinations to make this old mansion feel like the ultimate comfort zone. 

The rest of the hotel is just as tasteful. A unique on-site cocktail bar, leafy interior patio, and chandelier lit pool combine to create a sense of elegance that is unmatched.

The hospitality staff at this establishment is passionate about creating a memorable experience for their guests. They are always looking for new people to join their team who feel the same way. Visit Le Damantin Hôtel & Spa’s Hosco profile to find out more about which positions they are currently looking to fill.

No matter which type of spa resort you want to work at, there is probably a location that fits your profile. Be sure to frequently check the Hosco listings for the latest spa & resort openings in France so you can find your dream hospitality job.



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