Rock Your Onboarding in the First 60 Days on the Job

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How to shine in your new hospitality role from day one

Your CV is ship-shape, you’ve aced the interview… and for your next trick, surviving and thriving in the first few weeks of your new hospitality job

For Episode 3 of Pull Ups by Hosco, we chatted with guest coach, ©, on how to fit in and feel great during those all-important first two months in your new role. Gil is a life-long hospitality professional with a passion for people. He specialized in training and development as Head of Learning for Europe for IHG Group and now runs The Talent Network, delivering training, coaching and consulting to the best hotels and hospitality pros around the globe. 

So, what do you need to know from the get-go?

Great expectations

We asked our employers on Hosco when they would expect new hires to fit into their role. A majority – 49% – said about a month, followed by 37% who said one to two weeks. 

Gil leans towards a longer timeframe and highlights the importance of feeling at home in a role:

“The first few days can be overwhelming. You get to know the people you're gonna work with, the guests if you're in a guest-facing role… There's so much to learn. You really start to fit into your role when you start feeling comfortable about what's expected of you and you can be more or less independent.”

Gil Mulders, Founder of The Talent Network

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s better to learn well, rather than learn fast. 

Take your time and learn. Carry a notebook around and write down everything that you learn”, Gil advises us.

“Of course, you want to shine and to be proactive, but there’s also a learning curve and a balance to find, to do our best. Hospitality is filled with great expectations and you have to hit the ground running, but you can take your time in the beginning to do things well.”

Adding value

Understanding company culture is crucial in order to truly feel part of an organization. Once again, a majority (45%) of our respondents said the month mark was when they would expect an employee to get to grips with what makes a company tick. 

As well as living and breathing company culture in your first weeks on the job, Gil recommends doing some research before you set foot into your new workplace.

“You have an opportunity to research the company culture before you start. Nowadays you will find the employer branding on many sites – like Hosco – and it will give you an idea of the company values”, he says.

As you settle into your new hospitality role, you’ll get a feel of whether the branding and the reality of company culture are aligned – and if not, where you can make a difference.

“Talk about what you've seen online and about the values with your colleagues and manager. If you see discrepancies, this is a great conversation to have. From day one, you're part of that culture, you can influence it from the inside. Don’t feel that the culture is around you, the culture is you, and you can really contribute to it.”

Delivery: A two-way street

Once you’ve got to grips with your role and the company culture, how long till you can deliver well on the different aspects of your new hospitality job? In Gil’s experience, patience is key – both for the employer and the employee. Our respondents agree: 43% say a month to two is reasonable.

In addition to analyzing your own progress, establishing open and fluid lines of communication with managers can streamline the onboarding process, helping you to clarify expectations, set goals and hit milestones.

“Have a conversation with your manager about the expectations. What do you need to be able to do after a week? What do they expect you to do after two weeks? Three weeks? A month? etc. You'll know if you're doing well, so that's an early conversation to have”, Gil assures us. 

Your place in the bigger picture

Knowing the impact your role can have on a company and its customers starts with asking yourself (or being asked) why you are here. The question may come the first day, but the answer can take a bit longer. 45% of our respondents say a month is standard. 

Once we know the why – for example, to make guests happy by creating great experiences – we can work out the how: by being organized, fast, making great suggestions and in Gil’s words, by “understanding that you're part of a team and everything that we do contributes to that bigger picture.”

The ideal world vs. the real world

Nothing in life is perfect. A career in hospitality is a highly demanding, equally rewarding undertaking. Hospitality is a sport! As you embark on your first weeks in your new job, remember that you have a distinct advantage: you are new, you have no past and your future will be shaped by your passion, desire to learn and dedication.  

You have time to shine. Everyone starts somewhere. Sometimes the moment you think of throwing in the towel is the moment when everything turns around for the better. Good employers understand this and work with their employees through the onboarding process. According to a whopping 75% of our respondents, less than 20% of new hires are fired during the probation period.

By taking your time to truly understand your new company and role, keeping up honest communication with your bosses and colleagues, having the courage to ask questions when you’re unsure or have something to contribute, and flashing a sense of humour and a smile when you hit the ground running, you can ensure a smooth, and even stellar lift-off in your new job.

As a case in point, Gil leaves us with an inspiring story.

“President John F. Kennedy visited Cape Canaveral before the first man stepped onto the moon and saw a janitor cleaning the floors. He was the kind of president that would talk to everyone and so he asked him: ‘What do you do?’ It was obvious that the guy was cleaning the floor. But the response was much more interesting. The janitor looked the president in the eye with a big smile and said, ‘Mr President, I'm helping to put a man on the moon.’”

Gil Mulders, Founder of The Talent Network

And if you want to see the full 3rd Episode of Hosco's Pull ups, click here to check it out!



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