7 Tips to Improve Your Hosco Profile in No Time!

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Hosco is the best platform to discover hospitality and hotel jobs worldwide. Creating a profile allows you to highlight your work experience, demonstrate your knowledge and skills, and present yourself to a network of hospitality professionals and recruiters.

Before you start exploring the thousands of opportunities on Hosco, from receptionist jobs to chef jobs, and sales and marketing positionsit’s vital that your profile is ready for recruiters! We've collected seven helpful tips that we're sure will boost your profile and make you stand out.


1. Make a Picture-Perfect Impression.

Adding a good profile photo results in more views and helps build the image around your personal brand. It should look professional and representative of the career or position you are searching for. Avoid selfies, dark images, party images, and sunglasses! 

2. Let Recruiters Know Who You Are.

Nobody has time for a long professional summary. Put your energy into writing a short paragraph that showcases your personality, and that highlights your specialties, attributes, and skills. A good profile description lets recruiters know why you're a great match for a specific position.

? Hot tip: use keywords related to your position or the job you want. For instance: pastry chef, revenue manager, guest relations, etc. That way, when recruiters search for potential hires, your profile will show up in the list of suitable candidates.


3. Be Proud of Your Experience.

Fill out the experience section of your profile with all of the previous positions. Remember to state the amount of time at the company, responsibilities, and achievements. To capture the reader's attention, add the most important and impressive information on the first line.


4. Highlight Hobbies/Passions That Are Relevant.

Recruiters also want to get to know what you're like outside the office. Showcase awards you've won, organizations you belong to, and volunteer experience. It helps recruiters understand the soft skills you could bring to the table, as well as provide a sneak peek at your personality.


5. Demonstrate Your Unique Skills.

In this section, use keywords to categorize everything you’re good at that is relevant to the positions you want to land. Remember to fill out the languages section, don't forget to add your mother tongue, along with the proficiency level for each one. Multilingualism is a definite plus in the hospitality industry as it lets you communicate more efficiently with customers worldwide.

6. Upload Your CV onto Hosco.

Simply by uploading your CV to Hosco, you're increasing your chances of employment! We suggest you upload it in a PDF for better quality. We also provide you with the option to get a free review along with tips on how to optimize it!

A solid CV gives you a valuable head start over many other similarly-positioned candidates applying for the same job. Want to double check that your CV addresses all the important aspects? Check out our guide of seven crucial questions your CV must answer to make sure you're covered.


7. Create a Solid Network.

As soon as your profile is in good shape, it's time to start expanding your network. Adding other professionals to your network will increase your chances of connecting with peers and finding a job. It's also essential to follow companies on Hosco as they post jobs regularly as well as news, and updates, which will help you stay in touch with the latest insights from top industry players.

If you've followed these easy steps, you’re good to go! Once your profile is ready, head to our job directorywhere you'll find the best hospitality jobs in  London, Dubai, Paris, and many other locations worldwide.



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