7 Crucial Questions Your CV Must Answer


The perfect CV. You know, the one that jumps off the page, clearly conveys your skills, and delivers an original personal statement, all while staying under two pages. A unicorn in the mist? Actually, the perfect resume is not as mythical as you may have imagined.

It’s possible to create it if you ensure that your CV answers the following seven crucial questions.

1. Who Are You, and Why Are You a Fit for The Job?

Your CV should give potential employers, who will only spend about 6 seconds reading it, a good idea of who you are and whether you’re a good fit for the position. The best way to do this is by utilizing a well-written and authentic statement at the top of each CV you send out. Remember, you must tailor each statement as each position is different.

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2. What Are Your Main Skills?

As we’ve just mentioned, recruiters have so little time to look at each CV; therefore, you need to make it easy for them to see that you’ve got what it takes. One great way of answering this question on your CV is by inserting a list of your skills near the top of your resume that is relevant for the job in question. These bullet point style lists always catch the attention more than a block of text. 

3. What’s Your Practical Experience?

Provide a clear, detailed description of your professional experiences, complete with company names, locations, start/end dates, and job titles. This is not the area of the CV to show off your creative flair. Providing anything less than clear, accurate information can be frustrating for recruiters. Also, if you have any long gaps in your professional history, be prepared to explain them in an interview.

4. How Have You Developed During Your Career?

After each professional experience listed on your CV, include a sentence or two that highlight your achievements and the best practices you’ve picked up. This shows the recruiter how you have grown during your professional journey as well as your capacity for lifelong learning and self-awareness. 

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5. Where Did You Study/Train?

Be sure to point out your diplomas, certificates, and relevant training. If you’re a recent graduate and have only completed internships, put your education and training first on your CV. If you’re an experienced professional, the education section of your CV should come after your work history.

6. What Languages Do You Speak?

The hospitality industry is one place where people from across the globe mix and communicate on a daily basis. For recruiters, it’s vital that your CV states the number of languages, including your mother tongue, and the levels to which you’re able to speak them.

Depending on the job requirements, it’s ideal to include the fact you’ve mastered another language in your personal statement as it’ll distinguish you from other candidates. If you’ve gone one step further and have worked abroad, even as an intern, it’s valuable to highlight this international experience.

7. What Are Your Non-Professional Interests?

Recruiters are also looking to see if your CV can answer their questions regarding your fit with the culture. Don’t forget to include a short section that speaks about any hobbies, volunteering activities, or sports you’re passionate about. Be sure to leave out any religious or political affiliations.

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