6 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Career in Hospitality


A career in hospitality has always been an exciting path to walk as a professional that can take you all over the world.  And, due to a historic staff shortage affecting many major international markets, there’s never been a better time than now to join the industry. 

What are 6 good reasons to start a hospitality career?

The last two years have caused many people to rethink things in their lives, including what they do for work.  If you feel you are looking for a change of pace professionally, you should consider all the dynamic career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

1. You’ll Always Have a Job

Before the coronavirus pandemic, 10% of the world’s population worked in hospitality and tourism. It is historically one of the most stable industries in the world.  People have and will always want to travel, stay in hotels, and eat at restaurants. This means there will always be hospitality jobs available to meet this consistent demand.   Many global industries are shrinking due to technological advances and changes in consumer interests. But success in hospitality comes from delivering a special experience for guests and that will always require a human touch.   And since hospitality has so many sectors, you can take the skills you learn in one and apply them to another. The mobility of skills throughout the sectors makes adjusting your career path much easier than in other industries.

2. Rapid career growth

The pandemic had a major impact on hospitality businesses and drove many workers away from the industry for good. Many experienced hospitality professionals made the move to different industries that were more stable during the worst of covid-19. Now that the most painful part of the pandemic is behind us, this exodus of talent means there are new opportunities to take advantage of. Joining the staff of a hotel or restaurant that is struggling to recruit staff to meet demand could give you the chance to advance quickly up the ladder If you show that you are a hard worker who is dedicated to improving and willing to stay with a company, you could find yourself in a leadership position with a higher salary sooner than later.

3. Better wages and benefits than ever before

Low wages have always been a cloud hanging over the industry. But, now that hospitality companies are facing a historic staff shortage, one sure-fire way to recruit talent is to pay staff more. From entry level jobs to management roles, employers are increasing wages as a way of attracting people to the industry or retaining those who are already there. Keep this in mind when looking for jobs and negotiating your first salary.

4. Human interaction

With the massive shift towards remote working over the last two years, many people are finding they prefer to work from home instead of the office.  But, if you’re the type of person who gets their energy and motivation from working closely with others, hospitality might be the right industry for you. Serving customers and making them happy is an incredibly rewarding feeling.  Hospitality jobs require large amounts of teamwork and interpersonal interaction. So, if you’re bored of endless Zoom meetings and webinars, perhaps working as a server at a busy restaurant or a receptionist in a bustling hotel is the right fit for you.

5. Travel the world and work

No matter where you go in the world, the hospitality industry exists.  From remote Scandinavian lodges to luxury cruise ships in the middle of the ocean, it truly is a global industry. A hospitality career gives you the opportunity to travel the world, meet new people, and see new places. The skills you develop working in a hotel or restaurant in your own country can be applied all over the globe. If you want a career that will allow you to spread your wings and fly, hospitality might be the right sector for you.

6. Work-life balance has drastically improved 

Hospitality has a reputation for being a tiring work that requires long shifts, often on weekends or holidays. This was true in the past but, as a new generation of workers enters the sector, their personal values are starting to have an impact.  Young hospitality workers value a proper work-life balance and aren’t willing to accept poor working conditions. To accommodate this, employers are being more flexible about schedules Many companies are finding that lightening the individual workload for employees helps them avoid the burning out and encourages them to stay with the team. Now that you’ve discovered all these wonderful reasons to join the wide world of hospitality, head over to Hosco’s job listings and check out our open positions today



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