Why a Hospitality Career is an Exciting Journey


Here at Hosco we believe a hospitality career is one of the most exciting choices you can make in your professional life. It allows you to work in exciting destinations, make new friends, and build skills that will be with you for life. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it! 

We’ve rounded up some musings from experienced hospitality professionals to give you a first hand account as to why starting a career in hospitality is exciting and fun.

What makes a hospitality career so much fun?

Tommaso Dainotti, Executive Chef:

The most exciting thing about working in the world of hospitality, in general, is the infinite range of possibilities it offers you, the fact that you can always travel, and how you can put yourself out there to try your hand at a different catering setting in which you never thought you could.

The most useful advice I was ever given was to travel. Only by following the advice to travel was I able to take advantage of and implement all the other lessons I had received over the years.

Traveling teaches you to keep a humble and open mind. And this is how your desire to learn and discover new things will always remain constant, giving you the opportunity to grow and improve every day.

Marcel Thoma, General Manager:

So many things. I love the fact that no day is the same, that I meet new people every day, and that I can travel around the world and know somebody in nearly every city. You become very rich in your experiences. Working in hotels means you can work anywhere from Timbuktu to Scotland, Abu Dhabi to Siberia, because the actual job of looking after people is the same everywhere. What changes is the environment, food, mentality, weather and circumstances.

Alistair Gillott, Executive Chef:

Well, right now I’m leading a kitchen on an island in the middle of The Bahamas and I’m having the time of my life! 

It’s an amazing island, it’s got everything you can imagine: jet-skiing, snorkeling, diving and the sunset every day is mind-blowing…I’m a sunset and sunrise fanatic! I think the simplicity of things like that are amazing. I get up, take my coffee and watch the sun come up. And it’s all because of the incredible industry I work in.

Why do people love working in hospitality? 

Valentine Carriere, Guest Relations Manager:

For me, the love and passion have grown along the way as I’ve gained more experience in the industry. Being able to connect with other passionate hospitality professionals really makes you appreciate and love your job even more. And the passion just keeps growing every day because it’s such a dynamic job and industry that there is always something new to learn or improve.

Tommaso Dainotti:

For me, one of the greatest parts of working in hospitality is the focus on connection. The connection that you’re able to create with customers when you serve, feed, or help them makes the job incredibly satisfying.

But it’s also the connection that I have with the food I make. I’m able to include my values or heritage in the kitchen and that is really fulfilling for me. Every dish I make is a chance to connect with my cultural background by using traditions and techniques from home.

When you have an intimate and personal connection to your work, it’s easy to feel passionate about waking up to come to work every day.

Marcel Thoma:

When I was 16 I got the chance to do an internship at a very good sports and conference hotel near Lake Constance. I loved the movement of it, hearing the stories of the high-profile tennis players and football teams checking in; it was my first experience with VIPs and celebrities and I fell in love with it. 

What does a career in hospitality give you?

Brian Silva, Cocktail Bar Manager

This is one of those trades that you can have in your back pocket for the rest of your life and you’ll never be without work or contacts. You’ll become part of a tight, global community and you can travel the world on it.

Valentine Carriere:

One of the big things it gives you is the possibility for career advancement. The skills you gain in hospitality move with you from department to department. Before guest relations, I was working at the front desk so after I gain some experience here maybe I will move back to the reception department in a higher position or a manager role. If you’re talented, there’s always an opportunity to move up the ladder.

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