Types of Hotels: What’s the Difference? (by Star Rating)


When looking for a job in hospitality, there are so many different types of hotels that it may be hard to know where to start. 4 star, boutique, inns – what do all these terms mean?

To demystify this topic, we’ve started a series to look at the different styles of hotels in the world of hospitality. And for our first edition, we’re taking a look at what it means when hotels are rated by star.

Types of hotels according to the 5 star rating system:

In most countries, the quality of hotels is rated on a scale of one to five stars. In some places they may have additional rating systems or further distinctions that go beyond the fifth star. 

When you see how many stars a hotel is rated, you can know what to expect from your experience if you book a stay.

1 Stars

A hotel with a 1 star rating will offer only basic accommodations and very few amenities to their guests. These types of hotels are likely to be independently owned, oftentimes as a small family business. Due to this, 1 star hotels usually serve a clientele on a tight budget who are only looking for a place to sleep and not much else.  There won’t be any room service, but they might have a selection of takeout menus at the front desk.

2 Stars

While the 1 star hotels are often independently owned, 2 star hotels are much more likely to be part of a chain. This means that they can provide more amenities than a 1 star hotel while still offering guests a budget-friendly price. The rooms in these hotels will normally have TVs, phones, and air conditioning units but they won’t be state of the art.

3 Stars

A 3 star hotel is the sweet spot for those who’re keeping an eye on their budget but want a more pleasurable experience when they get back to their room.

There will likely be a restaurant with room service, a gym, a work space, and other amenities that you won’t find in a 1 or 2 star hotel. These hotels are normally a part of a larger chain or hospitality group.

4 Stars

Hotels with a 4 star rating will be upscale establishments that provide personalized service and a higher level of comfort to their guests. Hotels with this rating will offer a much more comprehensive range of amenities such as dedicated concierges, luxury transportation services, swimming pools, or spas. The attention to detail at these venues will be higher than lesser rated hotels.

5 Stars

If a hotel has a 5 star rating, you know you are in good hands. Hotels with these ratings have shown that they are all about making sure their guests’ time at the hotel is as comfortable and special as they can make it. The service and amenities a guest receives at a 5 star hotel are second to none. 

These hotels normally have a dedicated guest relations team to ensure that their client’s experience goes as smoothly as possible from the minute they arrive. Guest relations managers will be in constant contact with their guests from when they book their room, during their stay, and after they’ve gone back home. They will give you a warm personalized greeting when you arrive and introduce themselves as your main point of contact if you need anything at all. 

While it may vary depending on the establishment, the amenities at these high-end hotels are incredibly comprehensive. They often include luxury perks such as fresh flowers in the rooms, numerous dining options, and personal fitness trainers, amongst others. 

We hope that provides some help to guide you when you’re looking for your next hotel job on Hosco!



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