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When people all around the world think of traveling to Europe, there are some must see sights on their itinerary. But one country is often cited as the most beautiful of them all, with countless sights to see and nature to explore: Italy. AirBnb hasn’t ruined every destination yet, as hotels in Italy are still a popular choice for tourists.  

Italy is a tourism hot spot which means there are always hospitality jobs available for passionate individuals. And, since we know how difficult it can be to search for a job like a needle in a haystack, we’ve rounded up a list of the top hotels in Italy hiring on Hosco now.

What are some of the top hotels in Italy hiring on Hosco?

Lungarno Collection

Italians are known for their class and elegance and no brand embodies that more than the Lungarno Collection.

The Lungarno collection is owned by the Ferragamo family, a name that has been synonymous with luxury and excellence for nearly 100 years. Being associated with such a legacy will no doubt be attractive to hospitality workers with a taste for upscale experiences and affluence.

The Lungarno Collection brand was launched in 1995 as a hotel management company tha focuses on a small handful of hotels. They’re small portfolio of locations allows them to deliver a uniquely luxurious experience at all Lungarno properties.

Instead of spreading across the entire country, the Lungarno Collection focuses exclusively on Florence and Rome. Each hotel has its own personality that draws inspiration from the surrounding urban culture, history, and style. This means every Lungarno hotel aims to create a unique experience highlighted by elegance, striking design, and attentive service.

The Lungarno Collection includes:

  • Hotel Lungarno with Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant (1 Michelin Star), Florence
  • Hotel Continentale with La Terrazza Lounge Bar, Florence
  • Gallery Hotel Art, with The Fusion Bar & Restaurant, Florence
  • Portrait Firenze with the Caffé dell’Oro, Florence
  • Portrait Roma, Rome.

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts

The Baglioni hotel group was founded in 1974 by Roberto Politio when he and his wife Lisa set up their first property, Hotel Cala del Porto, in Tuscany. They wanted to develop a unique hospitality experience for their guests: an authentic journey through Italian culture and its various traditions.

Now, the Baglioni group has grown to include locations in the heart of artistic hotspots like London and France, in addition to their Italian properties. 

The group is now guided by the next generation of the Polito family, who are focusing on expanding their international presence.

The Baglioni group’s approach, embodied in their London location, is to combine contemporary tastes with traditional hospitality touches that never go out of style 

Baglioni group’s Italian locations include:

  • Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice
  • Baglioni Hotel Regina, Rome
  • Baglioni Hotel Carlton, Milan
  • Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto, Tuscany
  • Baglioni Resort Sardinia, San Teodoro

Lefay Resorts

Lefay Resorts is a relatively new name in Italian hospitality but they have enough ambition to compete. Lefay aims to become one of the Italian brand names of reference for the international luxury wellness holiday market. They’ve done this by delivering on an elegant eco-resort concept that’s on the cutting edge of self-care destinations.

Their first property Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda in Gargano, opened in 2008, immediately became a jewel for the group and helped them establish their brand identity. After spending a decade focusing on their Gargano location, the group opened Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti. 

This new property is located in the surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of the Dolomite mountains. The Dolomites’ natural beauty makes this the perfect setting to spending a relaxing holiday. It’s no wonder that UNESCO declared the mountain range a “World Heritage site”.

Lefay emphasizes the satisfaction of their staff as much as they do the guests. They make sure great attention is given to selecting, training, and supporting the professional growth of their employees. Lefay gives out an employee of the month award to recognize the dedication of standout members of their team.

The Lefay Resorts group currently has two gorgeous 5-star resorts:

  • Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda, Gargano
  • Resort & Spa Dolomiti, Pinzolo

Italy is widely considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For the right hospitality professional, working at hotels in Italy could be like living in a dream. If you’re ready to live and work in the land of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, check out the open hotel jobs in Italy available on Hosco today!



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