Spice Up Your Career: 4 Fun Jobs in the Hospitality Industry

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We here at Hosco believe our industry is one of the most exciting on the planet. And we believe that because we know you’re able to find fun hospitality jobs on our platform that can take you all around the world!

What are some of the most fun hospitality job opportunities?

While we think that most jobs in the hospitality industry are exciting in their own right, some are even more fun than others.

With this mind, we want to share a few jobs or environments that we think are an absolute blast to work in.


Simply put, the main duty of this role is to make sure each guest that comes through the door has an incredible experience. 

When someone has booked lodging and made the trip, they want to make the most of their time in a city. Here is where the concierge comes in to save the day and show off their inside knowledge.

If you love having your finger on the pulse of all the cool things in the city, this could be a great job for your personality. You get to listen to the guests, find out what they like, and then make recommendations based on their preference. 

Are they dying to try as many regional vinos as possible? Luckily, you just happen to know a cozy little wine bar around the corner with 200+ bottles waiting to be uncorked.

Do they want to get an idea of what’s going on in the local music scene? You have three different spots to recommend depending on their musical tastes. And, you can help them get tickets to a concert tonight.   

Catering Chef

Working in a professional restaurant kitchen is an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. However, the pressure and stress that comes from working in certain types of dining establishments can leave you burnt out.

Even if you’re feeling a little exhausted with the regular restaurant hustle and bustle, you can still find a job filling people’s stomachs as a catering chef.

While working as a catering chef does come with its own unique set of challenges, it’s much more dynamic than a traditional restaurant position. Every event gives you the opportunity to feed dozens of people and perfect your skills as a chef.

The private birthday party on Monday is asking for tacos. The corporate event on Wednesday wants Mediterranean flavors. The luxury yoga retreat over the weekend must have meat-free options at every meal. 

You get to jump from event to event, whipping up delicious dishes for the hungry masses as you go. In catering, there is always something new or exciting around the corner and that's what makes it so much fun!


If you’ve got a hunger for the spotlight or just love to put on a show and give people a good time, then you should consider exploring the entertainment sector of the hospitality industry.

Entertainment jobs in hospitality will vary depending on the environment you work in but they always involve one thing: giving the guests a special experience.

Sing your heart out every night as the resident vocalist on a cruise ship. Help create a world of magic and wonder as a performer in theme parks like Disneyland or Six Flags. Or work behind the scenes in production, making sure each show goes off as smoothly as planned.

You could even work as a talent booker for a cool music bar and get to have your say on which bands take the stage each night. The opportunities are endless!

The resort life

Maybe you’re feeling a little tired of the traditional urban hospitality environments and want a change of pace. Well, there is a way to keep your hospitality career rocking but also escape the hectic city life. If that sounds like a dream job situation then working in a resort could be a good fit for you.

Resorts have all sorts of hospitality positions available, from kitchen and front of house roles to positions in the spa & wellness department. You could even find a job organizing fun events for the guests to participate in.

Guests come to a resort to unwind so you get to provide them with excellent service while they are at their most relaxed. After all, it’s hard to get upset when you’re sitting by the pool with a drink in your hand.

If any of these career choices sound like the right fit for you then check out the open roles available on Hosco.We always have fun jobs to make your hospitality journey even more exciting!



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