Spa and Wellness Area Manager: Top Tips for Success


So now that you´ve shown your skills as a spa attendant and have become a spa and wellness area manager, it’s time to take your skills to the next level. A great manager can take a spa to new heights and a bad one will lead to an empty waiting room and no one on the massage table. 

In order to help you lead your spa to profitability, we’ve put together some expert tips to help you succeed at your spa and wellness area manager job.

Be a people person

This is the most important asset you can have in the wellness sector of hospitality.

Whether you’re a spa manager or attendant, the job requires a high level of people skills. As the manager you should interact with clients in a professional manner that sets an example for your staff. You must also develop a solid professional rapport with the people working for you. It’s much easier for a manager to lead a team when everyone is on the same page.

If you create a warm and welcoming spa environment to work in, then your clients will also be at ease. The spa experience is all about feeling more relaxed and refreshed than you did before the treatment. If your team is happy and content, that will translate to the experience they provide for the spa guests.

Spas are a more personal and intimate setting than other hospitality environments. It’s incredibly important to understand that some guests may feel uncomfortable with a treatment or procedure. You need to be able to listen and talk to guests in a compassionate way that helps put them at ease.

If you have strong people skills and can make your guests feel better about themselves after coming to your spa, they’re more likely to return or recommend your services to a friend.

Pay attention to the details

When a guest comes into a spa they expect to be transported to a world of peace and tranquility. This means that every little aspect of the spa experience must be fine-tuned to maintain a soothing atmosphere. A day at a spa is a rare and expensive luxury for most people and therefore they want everything to be perfect for the duration of their visit.

The sounds, the smells, the lights, the colors, the furniture–all of these details and more must be considered when you are a spa and wellness area manager. You should collaborate with the spa’s owners to envision a space with subtle but bold touches and flourishes. These will make the spa experience that much more special for guests, even if they can’t fully perceive them.

Cleanliness should be a spa’s most important mission. You should stress the importance of a spotless spa to your staff at all times. After all, dusty floors and dirty walls are not the most calming thing to look at.

Manage your time wisely

Being a great spa and wellness area manager is about more than just managing people. To truly succeed you must have top level time management skills as well.

Spas have many different types of employees. From attendants to massuesses to estheticians, the spa manager must be highly organized in order to create schedules that satisfy everyone. You may have one shift rota for attendants, another for massage therapists and so on. This requires you to coordinate with many different departments to ensure the spa is always fully staffed. 

Another reason time management is so crucial is for the sake of the guests. Spas work by appointment so it is the responsibility of you and your spa reception staff to guarantee that things are running smoothly. One late customer or delayed treatment could lead to a chain reaction that puts the spa behind all day and leaves the guests feeling unsatisfied with their experience.

Spa and wellness is one of the fastest growing sectors in the hospitality industry. With more people focusing on self care than ever before, it’s likely to keep growing for the foreseeable future. If you think you have the right personality and skills to match, then check out the open spa and wellness area jobs available on Hosco today.



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