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When most people think of a job in hospitality, the first ones that come to mind are likely front facing positions. Restaurant servers, hotel receptionists, guest services managers–these are the friendly faces that represent hospitality companies. However, every company needs a persuasive voice that beckons guests or customers to come. That’s where the marketing jobs in hospitality show their importance.

Why is marketing important in the hospitality industry?

Effective marketing is crucial in every industry and hospitality is no different. 

Hotel’s have to carve out their own identity and communicate it to the public. Cruise lines have to set themselves apart from their competitors so guests book a trip with them. Catering companies have to let people know why their food is the best option for the next big event.

Marketing is especially important in the F&B sector of the hospitality industry. Restaurants have a notoriously high failure rate as many of them struggle to turn a profit in their first year.

It doesn’t matter how cool the concept is or how good the food tastes if nobody is there to experience it. A slick marketing strategy can help restaurants get the word out and bring hungry guests through the door. 

If you look at any successful restaurant, whether a chain or a hip local tapas spot, you’ll see that they put a lot of effort into creating a strong brand identity and marketing themselves.

What are the different types of marketing jobs in hospitality?

When you look for marketing jobs in hospitality, you will see a variety of roles and job titles listed. These positions are common across many industries but each sector has its unique quirks that affect what doing the job entails. 

Before looking for a specific hospitality marketing job, it’s important to understand the different types of marketing that companies can use to help them succeed.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a general term for any type of marketing that is delivered through the internet. Originally used to describe email campaigns or online advertising, this department now includes duties like social media growth, content creation, and community management, just to name a few.

Digital marketing is vast, so you could work in the CRM (customer relationship management) department of a large hotel chain or as the sole social media manager for a hot new restaurant in your city.

With the skills and knowledge you gain working in a hospitality digital marketing job, you could even break out on your own to start your own digital marketing agency that specializes in the sector.

Graphic design

One of the most unsung yet incredibly important marketing jobs in hospitality is the role of a graphic designer.

Graphic designers have their fingerprints all over the hospitality industry, both behind the scenes and in public. 

Hospitality digital marketing departments are always in need of attractive visual assets to help them communicate to and engage with their customers. They need graphic designers to create all sorts of email banners, social media ads, corporate branding, and so much more. 

It’s such a crucial role that many departments employ at least one reliable full-time graphic designer.

Restaurants and hotels also need help from graphic designers to create logos, signs, menus, and websites that effectively communicate or reinforce their brand. Everybody knows a tasteful restaurant sign can catch your eye and make you stop to investigate.

Public Relations

Public relations, more commonly known as PR, is a department related to engaging with the public or press in a different way than traditional advertising or marketing.

PR departments are responsible for creating relationships and pursuing opportunities to strengthen the company’s public profile and image. 

Working in a PR job in hospitality would have its own distinct tasks specific to the industry.

A hotel’s PR department might dedicate time to finding famous guests, such as politicians or celebrities, to stay and post about their experience on social media. 

This is a more organic type of publicity that can reach customers in ways other types of marketing can’t. A positive review can be way more valuable for a new restaurant than spending money on Google ads.

The landscape for marketing jobs in hospitality is incredibly wide. If you’re passionate about persuasion and have a love for the industry, then check out the open hospitality marketing jobs available on Hosco now!



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