Juice Bar 101: Serving Smoothies with a Smile

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The food & beverage sector of hospitality work is ever-evolving, with new types of trends hitting the market constantly. From cereal cafes to boba shops, if an idea is profitable and easy to copy you’re bound to see them everywhere once the trend takes hold. However, the most enduring of these niche food and drink spots is without a doubt the juice bar

Juice bars first hit the market in the 1990s and have slowly carved out their own place in the market. Now, it’s common to them all over the place. Whether you’re headed for a workout or catching a flight, there’s bound to be a juice bar somewhere nearby.

Over the last few decades, people have become more health conscious and are always looking for convenient ways to boost their nutrition

As a result, juices and smoothies loaded with fruits and veggies have become incredibly popular. They have them with brunch, instead of eating lunch, or as a healthy little delight in the evening. Plus, a healthy smoothie as a sweet treat will make you feel much less guilty than ordering a milkshake. 

To give you an idea of what it’s like to work in a juice bar, we’ve put together a quick guide to answer the most important questions about the job. 

What is a juice bar?

A juice bar is a business that is dedicated to making and selling juices and smoothies from fruits and vegetables. While the main focus is the drinks, some juice bars also offer healthy food options for customers to nibble on.

As opposed to different types of bars that are dedicated to serving alcoholic drinks, juice bars exist to promote a healthy lifestyle. As such, a juice bar is not the type of bar that people will spend hours hanging out at. If they don’t take their order to go, customers likely won’t stay much longer than it takes them to finish their drink or snack. 

Due to their convenience, juice bars are quite ubiquitous. Some places you can find juice bars include but aren’t limited to:

  • Airports
  • Health clubs
  • Malls
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Shopping centers 
  • Festivals
  • Vegan and vegetarian restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Food courts
  • Stand alone store fronts

What does a juice bartender do?

Working as a “bartender” in a juice bar is much different than any other bartending role. You won’t be pouring beers or shaking cocktails and the only shots you’ll be serving are ginger or wheatgrass. 

To work in a juice bar, it helps you promote living a healthy lifestyle, and live one as well. You should understand the health benefits of the drinks you make and be able to explain them to your customers in a way they can easily digest. You must be an advocate for clean eating and nutrition to get your customers to believe in the power of juice.

Because juice bars tend to lean towards takeaway service, being able to provide customer service in a quick and efficient manner is key. You should be comfortable with multitasking. A good juice bartender will be making one person’s order, while taking the next one in line. 

If you work in a juice bar, your daily tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Making and serving juices, smoothies, and other food or drink items
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Maintaining a sanitary working environment at all times
  • Cleaning both public and employee only areas throughout the shift
  • Educating guests on the nutritional benefits of the products being served

What is the career path of a juice bartender?

Finding an entry level job at a juice bar can be a great way to break into the hospitality industry. It’s a great choice for young adults looking to gain some experience serving beverages without the pressure of a traditional bar. There’s never been anybody that’s had too much juice to drink and had to be escorted out by security.

Once you gain some experience, you could move up to a more senior role at your juice bar. Depending on the juice bar and whether it’s a chain or independently owned, the hierarchy may be more or less defined. If the job exists, you could go from juice bar attendant to shift or team leader. There you can gain experience in a supervisory role that will help prepare you for a management position.

Once you nail the shift leader role, you’ll be ready for the next step in your career path. You could then become an assistant juice bar manager and learn what it feels like to have much more responsibility on your shoulders. After you learn the management ropes for at least a year, you’ll be ready for a move to manager where you will be the head honcho. That’s when your leadership skills will be put to the maximum test.

Working a juice bar is just one of many ways to get your feet wet in the world of food and drinks. On Hosco, we have all sorts of jobs in the F&B department waiting for you to make the next move in your career path. Check out the open food and beverage positions currently available on our platform and find your dream job today!



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