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Are you ready to take your hospitality housekeeping career to the next level?

Every hotel has housekeeping staff, which means they need a reliable Housekeeping Manager to supervise that team. And, did you know that the job market for this position will continue to grow until 2026?

This is an ideal role for anyone wanting to grow their hospitality career in an expanding department. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about becoming a hotel Housekeeping Manager.

The Housekeeping Department is Key for a Hotel’s Success  

A clean and tidy room with fresh linen is something most hotel guests take for granted. But, what if they open the room door to find a dirty bed sheet? That experience could stick with them forever, and cost the hotel revenue. 

Not providing visitors with clean living spaces damages a hotel’s reputation. In fact, research by P&G Professional shows 79% of guests say cleanliness is the most important factor when booking accommodation.

According to Evelyn Raden, Executive Housekeeper at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the most important skill you need is patience. “You’re dealing with many different team members who learn at different paces and react differently, so you need to understand them,” she says.  

Great managers need to be adaptable. The hotel industry is dynamic: last minute cancellations, changes to bookings, guest’s requests and complaints. A good executive housekeeper adapts to any challenge they encounter and handles all situations with professional grace. 

How Much Does a Hotel Housekeeping Manager Make?

The salary range for full time housekeeping supervisors is above average for the hospitality industry. 

Like many positions in hospitality, salaries for this role will vary depending on the category of the hotel, the region, and the country. A higher salary is possible with relevant experience. 

According to figures from Salary Explorer, the average salaries are as follows:

● €64,400 in Switzerland ($75,800)

● €46,300 in the United States ($54,600)

● €44,500 in the United Kingdom ($52,400)

● €28,850 in United Arab Emirates ($34,000)

● €26,600 in France ($31,500)

● €25,900 in Italy ($30,700)

● €19,400 in Spain ($23,000)

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What Does a Hotel Housekeeping Manager Do?

A Housekeeping Manager is in charge of a hotel’s hygiene team. 

They take overall responsibility for cleaning rooms, laundering linens and general maintenance of the hotel. A head housekeeper supervise cleaning staff to guarantee that all rooms and guest areas are cleaned to a high standard. 

The housekeeping manager must ensure that all staff comply with health and safety regulations. During busy times they may even need to help clean rooms.

Tasks in this role also include:

● Creating shift rotas

● Hiring and training new employees

● Ordering cleaning products, equipment, and room supplies

● Managing budgets

Raden says her biggest challenge isn’t managing the staff – it’s dealing with outside vendors and suppliers. “If I have a meeting or delivery, it needs to come at the promised time,” she says. “But here, things are a bit more relaxed. Sometimes a meeting can be delayed for an hour, or even a day, and it’s okay.” 

What Experience Does a Hotel Housekeeping Manager Need?

Formal qualifications aren’t necessary. But larger or upscale hotels may require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. A typical hospitality management degree covers:

● Accounting

● Marketing

● Hotel & Housekeeping management

● Economics

Another option is to complete an apprenticeship. It’s even possible to get your career started with a high school qualification. 

You could also become a manager if you’re currently a housekeeping staff member or front office worker. Insider knowledge comes in handy when applying for a management role. 

“I started off as a front office agent, and I became a front office manager over the years, so front office was my passion and my background,” says Raden. “In the front office, you have a huge relationship with housekeeping and you have to work hand-in-hand.”

You could take short online courses to help prepare you for your potential move into the Housekeeping Manager role. These courses are a great way to familiarize yourself with all the core skills you need for the role, and help you understand if the position is right for you. 

Watch Evelyn Raden, Executive Housekeeper at The Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Talk About Her Role

In the video below, Raden shares her journey to becoming a housekeeping manager. She explains what a typical day looks like, and breaks down the organizational structure at her hotel. She also discusses the most important skill executive housekeepers must have – patience – and the challenges she faces on a regular basis.

Take a Step to Be a Hotel Housekeeping Manager, Today

Without level-headed Housekeeping Managers, many hotels would stop working. This is one of the most crucial and highly valued roles in hospitality.

The best Housekeeping Managers will be in-demand for the foreseeable future. Take the first steps toward your dream hospitality job by clicking on the link below, which will take you to our housekeeping manager roles available today.  

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