Culture in Quarantine: 8 Gems to Discover

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Hospitality is a business with a lot of respect for arts and traditions. One could say hospitality is an art, and we, at Hosco, couldn’t agree more. So, during this global lockdown, we thought that it would be great to dive into the free resources from a few of the world's top cultural institutions. After some insider research, we have found 8 underrated gems to keep you entertained in quarantine:

1) #TogetherAtHome


This year’s concerts and festivals may have been postponed or canceled, but you can still keep in touch with your favorite artists on social media; a lot of them have or are planning to stream periodically to their fans. You can follow @TogetherAtHome on Twitter, as well as the hashtag #TogetherAtHome on Twitter and Instagram. Launched by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen, its goal is to raise awareness around COVID-19 and its consequences by using music stars’ live performances. Expect daily short concerts, uplifting videos, and outtakes from your favorite musicians.

2) The Google Arts and Culture Project


On the more traditional side of art, The Google Arts and Culture Project is timely, now more than ever. This initiative aims to digitalize some of the world’s most beautiful artworks to grant free access to the general public. Launched back in 2009, a host of museums were already part of the project, but the COVID-19 outbreak has pushed many others to quickly join.

3) TED Connects


We’re slightly moving away from the established concept of culture as we explore TED Connects. This free initiative was launched by our beloved supplier of top-class keynotes from around the world: TED. It allows you to listen to conversations between world leaders and experts about the current crisis and its consequences.

4) The Metropolitan Opera of New York


Aside from museums and cinemas, operas and theatres are also closed. However, that doesn’t stop iconic institutions from providing you with outstanding entertainment while you’re at home. For example, the Metropolitan Opera of New York is streaming a different show every day.

5) The Berlin Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall


On the other hand, if you’re not really into opera, but still like classical music, we highly recommend you to visit the Berlin Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall, where they’re streaming live concerts and films every day for free.

6) The Social Distancing Festival


And if you’re lost or can’t choose between all these exciting live performances, don’t worry! A website was created to group all of them into a shared calendar. Its name is The Social Distancing Festival, and it’s available free of charge for everyone.

7) Live Zoo Cams


If you have children, they’re probably at home with you, and Wagner’s operas are probably not their cup of tea. Animals could be a nice solution for your little ones. Your local and favorite zoos probably have live cams like, for example, the San Diego Zoo that you can check anytime.

8) Open Culture


Since you probably have more time to spare, you can always jump on the sofa with some popcorn and enjoy a classic movie or a must-read book from the public domain via OpenCulture. You’ll also find thousands of free online courses related to art, history, film, language, literature, and many more.

This crisis may force us to stay home, but it won’t stop us from being curious, from listening to great music or from appreciating past and present artists that make the world a better place. After all, culture is always a plus to your profile, since it’s a way to expand your comprehension of the world. It will definitely help you become a better professional in the future!



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