7 Things Internships Teach You That Hospitality School Doesn’t


Building a career in the luxury hospitality industry requires a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skill. While hospitality schools lay the foundation in the classroom, it's the internships that provide the practical finesse you’ll need to get your career off the ground

In a hospitality internship, you're thrown into the actual day-to-day operations of the luxury hospitality sector, providing a clear picture of what the industry looks like on the ground. It's a direct dive into real-world situations, where you get to apply the concepts you learned in school to practical scenarios. 

Learning through Real-world Experience

Internships plunge you into the practical arena where every interaction carves a nugget of knowledge. Unlike the simulated environments in school, internships expose you to real-world scenarios, from handling reservations to dealing with challenging guests, enriching your understanding of the industry operations.

In school, you may learn about event planning on paper, but during an internship at a local event venue, you'll get to experience the chaos, the unforeseen hiccups, and the satisfaction of seeing a successful event unfold - lessons that are far beyond the pages of a textbook.

Networking and Building Relationships

The essence of hospitality orbits around relationships. Internships provide a fertile ground to sow the seeds of professional networks. Mingling with industry veterans and peers not only broadens your horizons but also paves the way for future job opportunities.

If you’re interning at a reputable hotel, you may find yourself sharing an elevator with the General Manager. This gives you a chance to build a rapport with industry professionals that could be beneficial in the long term.

Understanding Industry Expectations

The transition from a classroom to a bustling hospitality setup unveils the spectrum of industry expectations. Internships provide a lens to view and adapt to the standards and ethics upheld in the professional sphere.

During your internship, you'll quickly learn that the customer's expectations are the driving force of the luxury hospitality industry, and how meeting and exceeding these expectations is a daily endeavor that drives the industry's success.

Handling Pressure and Solving Real-Time Problems

Luxury hospitality is a domain where meticulous problem-solving is the order of the day. Internships equip you with the tools to handle pressure-cooker situations, honing your decision-making skills amidst real-time challenges.

When a disgruntled guest approaches you with a complaint about their room, it’s the on-the-spot problem-solving skills that you’ll harness. Your ability to keep it cool under pressure could turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Customer Service Skills

No hospitality course is complete without a module on customer satisfaction. However, internships offer a live platform to practice and perfect your customer service skills, an essence of the high-end hospitality ethos.

During a busy check-in period at the hotel or restaurant, you may be faced with a barrage of questions, requests, and issues from guests. It's here that you’ll learn the art of maintaining composure, addressing concerns promptly, and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Teamwork and Communication

The symphony of a successful hospitality venture is composed of seamless teamwork and clear communication. Through internships, you learn the art of collaborative effort and effective communication, which are pivotal in delivering exceptional service.

Working alongside a seasoned team during a large conference, busy holiday weekend, or hectic dinner rush, you'll learn the importance of clear communication and a collaborative approach to ensure things run smoothly.

Adapting to Workplace Culture

Every hospitality establishment resonates with a unique culture and way of operating. Internships immerse you in these cultures, aiding you in adapting and thriving in diverse professional settings.

Each day at your internship, you’ll absorb the nuances of the workplace, be it the way of communicating or the chemistry among staff. These little details will help you get used to the professional environment of the hospitality industry.

The hands-on experience garnered from internships is a priceless tool to understanding the knowledge you gain in hospitality school. It will give you a realistic glimpse into the industry and make you a well-rounded candidate as you step into the professional realm.

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