5 High Paying Hospitality Jobs

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The hospitality industry isn't just a place to find seasonal work. If you dedicate yourself to one of the many career paths in the sector, you’ll find yourself in a high paying hospitality job sooner than you might expect.

What are some of the highest paying hospitality jobs?

The hospitality industry is full of exciting career paths that lead to well paying senior level positions if you are dedicated enough.

To highlight this, we want to look at five hospitality jobs that will fatten up your bank account.

Hotel General Manager

The general manager of a hotel is one of the most consistently high paying hospitality jobs in the industry. But, if you look at all of their daily responsibilities, it becomes clear they’re well paid for a reason.

As a hotel manager, your duties include attending to guests, hiring and training staff, and ensuring all parts of the hotel are running smoothly. You will need to communicate with the managers of individual hotel departments on a regular basis to guarantee everybody is on the same page.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting a hotel manager job then you should obtain a degree in hospitality management. It’s possible to work your way up the ranks without it but a formal education will make the path much easier.

Average Salary* in Europe: ≈ €73,000

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Events Manager

While it may seem like an unconventional hospitality job, event coordinators play a vital role in the industry. When an organization needs to plan a big event with many moving parts, they rely on the event coordination team to get the job done. 

An events manager’s duties range from securing venues and negotiating prices with vendors to organizing the menu and booking entertainment to perform at the event.

A college degree in a relevant subject will definitely help when applying for the role. Beyond that, you must have years of experience working in event coordination in order to succeed as events manager.

Average Salary* in Europe: ≈ €60,500

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Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager is mostly a supervisory role which means your duties will vary depending on the type of establishment you work in.

You may be in charge of managing health & safety practices and operational procedures, hiring and training staff, and meeting with the owners to ensure you stay within budget and turn a profit. 

No formal education is necessary to become general manager of a restaurant but a hospitality management certification would help. More importantly, you must have a significant track record in the restaurant world, with years of proven experience in the industry

Average Salary* in Europe: ≈ €58,500

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Executive Chef/Executive Pastry Chef

If you take one of the kitchen career paths as far as it can go (without starting your own business) you will find yourself in the lucrative role of executive chef or executive pastry chef.

Professional kitchens in restaurants, resorts, or hotels are usually divided in two, with the pastry section being its own individual entity. However, the managerial duties of the executive roles for chef and pastry chef are similar.

The responsibilities for these positions include hiring and training new staff, ensuring that all food that comes out of the kitchen is up standard, creating new recipes, and managing budgets. The executive chef and executive pastry chef must also collaborate with each other to ensure a cohesive menu.

While formal education isn’t required, a culinary degree or certification will certainly help get your foot in the kitchen door. However, the most important thing you need to get an executive level kitchen role is years of experience and expertise in the professional culinary world.

Average Salary* in Europe (executive chef): ≈ € 40,000

Average Salary* in Europe (executive pastry chef): ≈ € 33,000

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We’ve already discussed how to apply your love for wine and become a top-notch sommelier

But the world of wine is serious business and your passion can really pay off if you stick with it.

As a sommelier you could be a consultant for restaurant groups or work in the dining room itself in certain wine-focused establishments.

The duties of a sommelier range from researching trends to ensure the wine list is fresh and exciting to managing and maintaining inventory in the cellar. You will also train the front-of-house staff on the basics of wine and collaborate with the kitchen on pairings. 

If you want a job as a wine expert, you will increase your chances significantly if you have accredited certification as a sommelier. Otherwise, you could work as a server in a restaurant that emphasizes wine and work your way up.

Average Salary* in Europe: ≈ €30,000

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* = Average salary figures compiled from ​​Salary Explorer.




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